Roofs are integral for the health and safety of your home. Your roof protects your family from weather, debris, and provides a shelter to help keep you safe and comfortable. If your roof is no longer working properly, you could be opening up your world to leaks, mold, structural damage, and unwelcome visitors. Before you think it can wait other year or two, check on this list of 4 signs you need a professional to check it out-

  • Shingles are Showing Age - A sure sign you need to look into getting a new roof is if your shingles are curling or cracking and bare spots. These broken down shingles compromise the integrity of your roof. 
  • Neighbors are Getting New Roofs - If your neighbors are getting a new roof, chances are that their homes are 1) either the same age and experiencing the age or 2) your area has experience severe weather that caused roof damage. Both of these are indicators that you will want to get your roof inspected. 
  • Moss or Other Growth - Growth on your shingles is a sign that the shingles are compromised and there is moisture in the structure of the roof.
  • Roof is Over 20 Years - Most roofs are guaranteed to last up to 20 years. After you hit the 20 year mark, the roof is more prone to wear and tear. The sun, wind, and other weather elements cause your shingles to weaken and become less effective over time. 

If your roof meets any of the four criteria above, call our team of roof contractors to get a roof inspection. Our team of roofers will be able to identify any issues and help keep your home and family safe. Call today to learn more!